2018 Pop Top Recap
The 2018 Pop Top Open was once again played at the Pinecrest Golf Course in Carolina, RI on September 8. We had good golfing conditions with cloudy skies and temperatures in the low 70’s. We observed a moment of silence for Emeritus Bill Bowers Sr, RI Beta, who recently passed away in August. Over the years, some of Bill’s many contributions included AHC membership and organizing the Pop Top. We had 20 golfers participating in this year’s event and everyone appeared to have a great time. To add more difficulty to the course, the teams hit from the customary white markers on the front 9 but from the blue markers on the back 9 which added an extra 280 yards to the course. For the 5th year in a row, we had a new championship team of Chris Conti, Bruce Millard, Bob Millard and Steve Carter by carding a minus 7. Closest shot to the pin on the 5th hole went to Pat Clays (3 feet) and Steve Zimmerman had the longest drive on the 3rd hole. After the golfing, many enjoyed a few pops at the clubhouse and everyone feasted on a large selection of appetizers. Chris Conti, AHC President, gave an update on the the housing situation and stated that a new Phi Kappa Psi house may be ready for completion by the early part of 2020. Architectural plans and paperwork will be submitted to the University in the upcoming weeks. We hope more golfers are able to attend this event next year. Please make note that the date will be September 7, 2019, the 1st Saturday after Labor Day at the same course. Thank you, once again, to all the Phi Psi brothers and friends who made this year's Pop Top Open a success!