Founders Day 2018
Dear brothers and friends: Our annual Founder’s Day dinner was held April 6, at Spirito’s restaurant. We had a smaller than usual crowd attend the event with 5 members representing our own undergraduate RI Beta chapter. Thank you to Bruce Tavares as master of ceremony and Pat Rossoni for the video presentation. The RI Beta undergraduates reported the chapter continues to add to its ranks and has focused on philanthropy to stand out from the other fraternities. Bruce Tavares and Andy Marcoux have been meeting with the chapter in sustaining the growth effort needed to build the chapter in anticipation of having a new chapter house. If anyone is interested in helping please reach out to Bruce at Thank you to Bruce and Andy for your efforts! During the evening’s festivities the annual AHC meeting was held and Br. Conti delivered the AHC year in review status update. The AHC is working with the University to secure a lot on Fraternity Circle in order to build the new house. Walt Augustyn and Pat Rossoni head the building committee on initial thoughts and designs for the new house. Thank you all around to the brothers who served on the AHC over the past year. Special thanks go out to retiring board member Ray Marshall for his many years of service to the brotherhood. Elections for the AHC were held and once again I am honored to write this letter on behalf of the new board of directors of our house corporation. The following brothers were elected to the AHC and the selection of officers held at our first meeting on April 19; Chris Conti #400 – President, Vincent Prattico #373 – Vice president, Joe Hart #431 – Treasurer, Walter Augustyn #258 – Secretary, Bruce Tavares #250 – Chapter advisor, Robert Valenti #1100 – Member at large, Glenn Stratton #168 – Member at large, Patrick Rossoni #260 – Building committee co-chairman, John Spagnolo #126 – Member at large, James Norman #8 – Honorary member at large, William Bowers #15 – Honorary member at large, Lee Arnold #28 – Honorary member at large. Please congratulate each of these brothers for their willingness to serve our brotherhood. For all those that attended this year’s event thank you and for all those that missed out please watch for the announcement for next year’s event in 2019. Thank you all for your continued support for the mission of your AHC and R.I. Beta. Fraternally, CC#400…